Established in 1998 and named after a folder on the desktop of Scottish Artist C21 Troy [Paul Troy]. I&D was originally set up as the “commercial projects” folio of the artist, delivering web products to small businesses mainly in the Glasgow area, but with some clients abroad. [Europe /US]

Today  I&D’s resources are put mainly to the development of video production, serving new media projects in the fields of social/community regeneration, heritage and history, the arts, sciences and education, with the occasional short, drama production.

These projects range from short campaign “info-mersials” for non-profits, to feature length, self produced documentaries. Some of which are available for viewing from links throughout this web site.

News Up-date

We have just finished a  full feature, educational documentary about the history of Lambhill [ a once thriving industrial village NW of Glasgow] available for viewing here

There is always a certain level of experimental video/sound projects on the go which we use as a testing lab for new technology and methods of production, the results of which will most likely find their way on to “regular” projects. We have recently been dabbling in the realm of drama and hope to showcase a “reel” of it soon.
….more details to follow
We are currently in the process of finishing a short feature documentary about the Cadder Pit Disaster of 1913 – available from this web site soon.

Internet & Digital is a trading name of Paul Troy [A.K.A. C21 Troy]