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“Run your life like a business”

“Run your life like a business” by Jack Sims – I am the poem – Seeds Of Thought

“Run your life like a business” by Jack Sims of Ex-Men fame contributes to the evenings night of poetry at the Seeds Of Thought arts group event at the CCA in Glasgow. March 2008

Filmed as part of the “I am the poem” video feature about spoken word poetry in Scotland.

For more information on The Ex-men
see their MySpace site at

Project director
C21 Troy

Arts Media Production 2008

One Scotland Laura McGhee And The Oran-Mor Outreach Choir

“One Scotland”
Video of the “One Scotland ” song performed by Laura McGhee and the Oran- Mor Outreach Choir. [Children from St. Paul’s and Dalmarnock Primary Schools in Glasgow ]

The video was filmed and produced by C21 Troy for Internet & Digital Media who were brought in to make a commemorative and promotional DVD of the Oran-More/ Roots 2 The Future Outreach project.

After seeing what a great job Laura had done with the kids. I decided to put Internet & Digital resources to make this promo-video of the song and capture something of the event as a keepsake for everyone involved – Paul Troy

Internet & Digital

Internet & Digital have been producing community based film, multimedia, web and arts content since 1998

“This campaign promotes a Scotland of many cultures. It highlights the need for all of us to examine critically our attitudes. It urges us to challenge racism, whatever form it takes.” — Jack McConnell, Former First Minister September 2002

New Media

We have just finished the second series of short, educational films about the History of Lambhill. Three years in the making and available for viewing.

The History of Lambhill Village Glasgow Scotland.
written and narrated by C21 Troy

Made over 3 years, The History Of Lambhill Volume II  video is rich in content, providing information about the village’s humble origins as part of the Bishops Forest, in the 13th Century right through the industrial revolution, it’s eventual decline and now to it’s place today as a community in the process of rejuvenation. Featuring a wealth of archive material, new illustrations and anecdotal stories from local people,  all put together to make “The History Of Lambhill Vol 2” an interesting, educational documentary resource for local people and Historians of the City of Glasgow alike.

The History Of Lambhill reflects the history of the city of Glasgow and viewers will gain so much knowledge of both after watching it.

More details about this production to follow.

We are currently working on the final stages of a self produced, 30 minute documentary feature about the Cadder Pit Disaster of 1913 which should be available to the public on our youtube channel soon.