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An up-date on the rescued footage of The Partick Folk Festival from 2004.


An up-date on the rescued footage of The Partick Folk Festival from 2004.
We have now managed to add the salvaged footage to a playlist on You Tube HERE▼

Featuring performances from

The Clutha
Jock Tamson’s Bairns
A spectacular evening of “Scottish & Irish Fiddle Traditions” with Aidan O’Rourke, Archie McAllister and Kevin Burk
An evening of “Songs Of The Gaels” with Maggie MacInnes, Maeve Mackinnon and Darren Maclean
The Mick West Band
A very rare performance captured on video of the late great Mick Broderick [founding member of The Whistlebinkies” and his band created for the festival “Tapsalteerie”
Adam McNaughtan

Some footage of the folk sessions during the day in The Lismore Bar

Interviews with
Darren Maclean, Maeve Mackinnon, Mick West and possibly the only recorded interview with Mick Broderick of The Whistlebinkies.

We hope you will enjoy these videos as much as we have and will research the back-catalogue of fine Scottish Folk Music made by the musicians featured here, which are still available to buy on CD recordings.

Thank you.


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A rare video of Scottish folk band “The Clutha” performing at the Partick Folk Festival in Glasgow 2004

A few weeks ago i was contacted by a folk music fan asking about a video I made in 2004 documenting some of the highlights of The Partick Folk Festival.

Traditional Arts Project Partick 2004 ▼
Video URL:

In that video there is a short clip of The Clutha a ground breaking band from Glasgow who rose to fame in the early 1970s. It turns out that there is very little footage of this band performing and this music fan was very keen to see if there was any more footage. The problem was so much of my archive got ruined in 2012 due to flood damage and I could not remember if that particular reel had survived.

After much rummaging about I discovered some but not all of the reels from this festival and as luck would have it I had two songs of The Clutha saved.

So for any folk music connoisseurs and Scottish Music Historians here is that video re-digitised on YouTube for you to enjoy.

Which I hope you do.

The songs performed here are “Jock Hawk’s Adventures in Glasgow” and
“The Tartan Plaidie”

Official Website for The Clutha ▼


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Spotlight On “The 515 Crew”



Spotlight On “The 515 Crew”

The main highlight of this years Mela festival were those purveyors of Brit -Bollywood style, The 515 Crew.
The band performed a blinding set at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Bandstand at the free show on Sunday.

Formed in 2009 the 515 Crew are now well established as leaders in the Live Bollywood and alternative British Asian Music scene taking their fusion music all over the UK and the world, in fact are touring the Dominican Republic at the time of writing this article.

With major tours under their belt recently playing alongside household names such as UB40, Billy Ocean, Kool & The Gang, Labyrinth and The Specials.

I&D media – liked their slick sound, cool look and funky attitude [they are the only Asian fusion band we have seen in Kilts, which we are told they wear quite often! ] … so we really had to try capture something of the energy, look and feel of their show as photographs. We also managed to video one song which we hope to introduce to folks not acquainted with their sound and hope they like it as much as we do.

Watch Video of Live performance of The 515 Crew ▼

Colour Photography Gallery of The 515 Crew at Kelvingrove bandstand ▼
Gallery 1

Black & White Photography Gallery of The 515 Crew at Kelvingrove bandstand ▼
Gallery 2 

Photgraphy by C21 Troy for Internet & Digital Media Scotland

I&D media – web ▼

I&D media on Facebook▼

The 515 Crew’s website▼

N-joi, Lyk & Shaer

I&D media Scotland

Behind The Scenes – Rose Sophia Photo Shoot C21 Troy / I&D Media


Rose Sophia – “the making of a miracle”
A montage of behind the scenes video footage and some of the photographs from the Rose Sophia “the making of a miracle” photography/ digital image gallery .

camera – C21 Troy
model – Rosie
light – Brendan

Music – used with permission – “window” by elecrto lobotomy

© 2016


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On YouTube ▼

MUSIC – electro lobotomy chanel on YouTube ▼


Scott Onstott [Secrets In Plain Sight] Interview at Rosslyn Chapel Scotland

Twenty-First Century Troy interviews Scott Onstott, in this special I&D media feature filmed on location at Rosslyn Chapel just outside the capital city of Edinburgh.

Scott, a world renowned film maker and author on sacred geometry and sacred site alignments reveals some interesting discoveries about Rosslyn Chapel and discusses some of the metaphysical meaning of Gothic architecture.

Scott’s research is available for study and can be accessed in a series of books and videos from his web site.

Secrets In Plain Sight
Patterns in Art, Architecture, Urban Design & the Cosmos

His ground breaking video “Secrets In Plain Sight Volume 1” can be viewed for free on YouTube here ▼…

Volume 2 of the series can be bought from Scott’s web site here ▼…

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“Scott Onstott [Secrets In Plain Sight] Interview at Rosslyn Chapel Scotland”

© 2016

music “surfing the void” by C21 Troy

copyright for all photography and digital images used in this video remains with their owners and are used here for educational purposes, in a non-profit capacity.

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ROSE SOPHIA – the making of a miracle [photography gallery]

Rose Sophia – “the making of a miracle”
An exploration into  the “divine feminine,  wisdom and spirituality”

You can view the Rose Sophia the making of a miracle photography gallery on Ficker here

Rosie Sophia - black light

Rose Sophia – “the making of a miracle”
A montage of behind the scenes video footage and some of the photographs from the Rose Sophia “the making of a miracle” photography/ digital image gallery .

camera – C21 Troy
model – Rosie
light – Brendan

Music – used with permission – “window” by elecrto lobotomy

© 2016


I&D media web ▼


MUSIC – electro lobotomy chanel on YouTube ▼

Time-lapse Glasgow – Charing Cross – 11pm


Heavy Traffic on the street -Charing Cross Glasgow on the footbridge looking out onto the  M8

A time lapse video with 1 frame per second with 1 second exposure.
There is an interesting moment when the rain comes on and we see the rain clouds pass over and the road surface glisten.  Trolls surface from their lairs,  braving the motorway traffic and creep across the tarmac to the hunting grounds of Sauchiehall Street…..Another Saturday night in Rain Town


A Meeting With “Pitaji” – Jai Ram Chadha has just turned 100 years old. Interviewed by C21 Troy

Pitaji. – Interview with a 100 year old Indian man living in Glasgow – Jai Ram Chadha

Jai Ram Chadda, called “Pitaji” a Hindi word meaning “Father” in English by his family of 3 generations, was born in Mumbai in 1907 and came to live in Chancellor St, Partick in the west side of the City of Glasgow in 1965.
As part of celebrations of his 100th Birthday I made a DVD film package of three films for his family and friends documenting his life story.

The films are

1) a presentation of his life story adapted from a live presentation slide-show given by his grand daughter Divia at his Centenary celebration party.

2) A slide show of images from his life given to me for use by his family and friends

3) An interview at his home in Govan where Jai talks about his earliest memories in India, moving to Kenya for work, and his life in Glasgow.

This video here is part 3 mentioned above and last 40 minutes.

The world was a very different place as we know it to day and we get to experience it through the spoken word of Pitaji.
Jai Ram Chadha enjoyed a moment of wider fame when Scots leaned the secret of his longevity was the result of drinking one glass of “Iron Bru” which is a traditional soft drink made in Scotland and was repeatedly reported in the Scottish Press.

….. but there is a lot more to his secret that….you will have to watch this film to find out what it is.


A Meeting With Pitaji

Jai Ram Chaddha
1907- 2008

Interviewed by C21 Troy on 23/02/07 [10 days after his 100th birthday]
Camera /sound – C21 Troy

Music – Yaman [ Stephan Callaghan]

Produced By Internet & Digital Media 2007


VALE OF TEARS The Story Of The Cadder Pit Disaster Glasgow 1913

VALE OF TEARS The Story Of The Cadder Pit Disaster Glasgow 1913


“Vale Of Tears” is a documentary drama about events of the Cadder Pit Disaster. On August 3rd 1913. 22 men lost their lives due to “white damp” and fire. The Cadder pits were situated near the village of Lambhill, a few miles north of the city Of Glasgow, Scotland. It was the worst mining disaster of the city  This documentary gives good account of the events and gives insight into the hazards and lack of safety measures which affected the miners in their daily lives. The events of the aftermath are also covered with an account of the funeral service and the fate of many of the widows after the disaster.

Based on accounts from both official and local stories the story is told by a narrator and “The Miner”

This production “Vale of Tears” is suitable for students of Glasgow History from secondary school level to adult..

Cadder Pit 15 Location here on Google Maps…



History and Heritage Media Production

produced by

written and directed

[aka Twenty-First Century Troy, aka C21 Troy]



video effects, graphics, colour treatment, video editing by C21 Troy

make-up, wardrobe – Brendan O’Donnell

Live action
camera- Paul Troy
sound recording – David Roy

sound recording, dubbing and mixing – C21 Troy

Original musical recording used with permission.

“Funeral March” by Frédéric Chopin, performed by GLEN HOBAN

[a.k.a. Kamibambiraptor]…

“7 Paths” theme and derived incidental music
composed and performed by C21 TROY

Sound effects The Free Sound Organisation


Lambhill Residents
Walter Benton & Co. Postcard Collection
Possil Library
Mitchell Library Glasgow
Kirkintilloch Library
National Mining Museum Scotland
Open Museum Glasgow

all original photographs used in this video are in the
public domain and copyright remains with respective owners.

Summerlee Industrial Heritage Museum
Hunter Environmental Village
Lambhill Stables

filmed in
Glasgow and Coatbridge

© Paul Troy/ Internet And Digital





Web Site


“Vale Of Tears” – The Story Of The Cadder Pit Disaster [Glasgow] 1913 – TRAILER

The Cadder Pit Disaster – “Vale Of Tears” new documentary about events of that fateful day on August 3rd 1913 where twenty-two men lost their lives, working for the Carron Iron Company owned colliery, Pit Number 15 Situated between Lambhill and Bishopbriggs in the north outskirts of the city of Glasgow.

Written and directed by Paul Troy [A.K.A.  “C21 TROY]
with Brendan O’Donnel as “The Miner”

Documentary length 30 minutes


A tragedy that is remembered each year by local people in Lambhill and Bishopbriggs and other local churches in the north of the city.

The Cadder Pit Disaster which claimed the lives of 22 men, who left 13 widows and 40 fatherless children, herald the end of mining North of the Canal in Glasgow and the end of a way of life for thousands of people in the area.
This is the “Trailer” for a forth coming documentary about The Cadder Pit Disaster called “Vale Of Tears”.
This video feature is suitable for young people of secondary school age to adults.
Made for people with an interest in:- Scottish mining history, Glasgow History, Industrial History of Glasgow, working conditions before the First World War, Miners lives and living conditions. Details of mine construction in 1913, safety regulations and the lack of, Aftermath – Funerals, graves and treatment of Widows. Miners villages in Lambhill and Mavis Valley

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“Vale Of Tears” – The Story Of The Cadder Pit Disaster 1913
Written and directed by Paul Troy (AKA C21 Troy)
with Brendan O’Donnell as “The Miner”
© Internet & Digital 2013
Facebook page:

Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Glasgow History – Lambhill Vol.2

Part 1 of “Lambhill History & Heritage Vol.2”

The second volume of educational short films documenting the History of Lambhill, from its humble beginnings as an area of land N.W. of the city of Glasgow, that was part of the Bishops Forest in the 13th Century right through the industrial revolution to the present day.

Topics covered in this 10 Part video are
(i) the political situation in 1174 that was the background to events that lead to the creation of the Bishops forest in Glasgow.
(ii) The Hutchesons Of Lambhill 1582 – present day.
(iii) Industrial Development of the Area 1800s – 1970s [ iron forges, coal and iron stone mining, Possil Park and the Saracens Iron Foundry]
(iV] “The Way We Lived” 1930s – 1970s anecdotal stories from residents in the area..
(V) The Western Necropolis Complex 1881 to present day  – Lambhill Cemetery, St. Kentigern’s Cemetery and the Western Necropolis, Hebrew Society graveyard and the Glasgow Crematorium.
(vi) Miners Rows.
(vii) St.Agnes Church

This Part 1 of Lambhill History & Heritage Vol.2
Preamble, Bishop Jocelyn, Knight Templars, Reformation, Lands Divided.

written and narrate by C21 Troy
© Internet & Digital 2011


The following links are to each individual section.

The History Of Lambhill
[PART 1]
Section 1) Preamble – Jocelyn – Knights Templars – Bishops Forest – Reformation – Lands Divided

Section 2) The Hutchesons Of Lambhill – The Hills and the Grahams – The Castle – Incorporation.

Section 1) Industrial Development – Coal and ironstone pits – quarries – iron forges – engineering – The Halloween Pend

Section 2) Possil Park – Saracen Iron Foundry

[PART 3 ]
The Way We Lived – The Wash House – Tram Terminus – Anecdotal Stories.

[PART 4]

Section 1) The Western Necropolis Complex – The cemeteries – Victorian Funeral Customs – war graves.

Section 2) The Glasgow Crematorium

[Part 5]
Section 1) Coal Mining In The Lambhill Area – The Miners Rows

Section 2) Saint Agnes Church

[End Credits Section to follow]


Convivium Singers: Ave Verum Corpus from the Album
“Peter Philips – An Englishman Abroad”
Recoded and Performed by The Convivium Singers
© Convivium Records

Tracks from “A Poorman’s Labour”
Written and Recorded by The Mick West Band
© The Mick West Band

Traditional instrumental versions of Scottish Songs
Performed on electric guitar and Recorded by Paul McGuire
From the Album “Silver Spells”
© Paul McGuire

Incidental Music – C21 Troy

This Educational Media Project was part financed by
Awards For All

© Internet & Digital
Internet & Digital is a trading name for Paul Troy [AKA C21 Troy]
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