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The Poem – by George Murevesi – I am the poem – Seeds Of Thought

‘The Poem ‘- by George Murevesi from the Internet & Digital video feature “I am the poem” about Glasgow based Arts group ‘Seeds Of Thought’ and their spoken word and acoustic music events throughout the city.

“for me the scope of it goes beyond just the ‘poem’ it is more of endurance, perseverance and survival ..” George Murevesi

video project director / producer
C21 Troy


The Poem

presses smitten
spirits broken
shortwaves jammed
dissenters blamed and jailed
world in a shame
nobles going insane
its l
raw and dry
to the rescue
retrieved from the blue
l laugh at this zoo
called the world
of mortals insecure and cold
l am
the Poem

l imply
and cry
til pens run dry
poets and none alike
test my psyche
l am generous
and handle any fuss
l appease
and please
the kings
in their ditherings
l am
the Poem

l capture emotions
of individuals and nations
am misused and abused
hailed and booed
l am adaptive
ask the captive
l dine with despotic beings
l roll in verse streams
filling writers’ dreams
l am
the poem
l entice your fertile imagination
uprisings are when l spare an intoxication
i possess
and caress
at times l do bless
am whispered at weddings
as they exchange rings
i carry you to the grave
i entertained too many a slave
some hunter splattered me in a cave
the poet is just but a vehicle
l accommodate any syllable
the pen is my benefactor
without it lm delivered by the orator
l am
the poem

For more information about Seeds Of Thought Visit

Seeds Of Thought Urban Poetry Group