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“Run your life like a business”

“Run your life like a business” by Jack Sims – I am the poem – Seeds Of Thought

“Run your life like a business” by Jack Sims of Ex-Men fame contributes to the evenings night of poetry at the Seeds Of Thought arts group event at the CCA in Glasgow. March 2008

Filmed as part of the “I am the poem” video feature about spoken word poetry in Scotland.

For more information on The Ex-men
see their MySpace site at


Project director
C21 Troy

Arts Media Production 2008


The Spirit Of Govanhill Baths


“The Spirit of Govanhill Baths”
5 minute video loop projection installation  on tiled wall accompanied by spoken word recitals.

Part of events put on at the baths during Refugee Week [2012]

“The Spirit of Govanhill Baths”
video installation by C21 Troy
actress – Martha Burns Findlay
music by C21 Troy


Govanhill Baths Community Trust
Scottish Refugee Council
Tawona Sithole
Seeds Of Thought [poetry group]
C21 Troy