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A Meeting With “Pitaji” – Jai Ram Chadha has just turned 100 years old. Interviewed by C21 Troy

Pitaji. – Interview with a 100 year old Indian man living in Glasgow – Jai Ram Chadha

Jai Ram Chadda, called “Pitaji” a Hindi word meaning “Father” in English by his family of 3 generations, was born in Mumbai in 1907 and came to live in Chancellor St, Partick in the west side of the City of Glasgow in 1965.
As part of celebrations of his 100th Birthday I made a DVD film package of three films for his family and friends documenting his life story.

The films are

1) a presentation of his life story adapted from a live presentation slide-show given by his grand daughter Divia at his Centenary celebration party.

2) A slide show of images from his life given to me for use by his family and friends

3) An interview at his home in Govan where Jai talks about his earliest memories in India, moving to Kenya for work, and his life in Glasgow.

This video here is part 3 mentioned above and last 40 minutes.

The world was a very different place as we know it to day and we get to experience it through the spoken word of Pitaji.
Jai Ram Chadha enjoyed a moment of wider fame when Scots leaned the secret of his longevity was the result of drinking one glass of “Iron Bru” which is a traditional soft drink made in Scotland and was repeatedly reported in the Scottish Press.

….. but there is a lot more to his secret that….you will have to watch this film to find out what it is.


A Meeting With Pitaji

Jai Ram Chaddha
1907- 2008

Interviewed by C21 Troy on 23/02/07 [10 days after his 100th birthday]
Camera /sound – C21 Troy

Music – Yaman [ Stephan Callaghan]

Produced By Internet & Digital Media 2007