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“Vale Of Tears” – The Story Of The Cadder Pit Disaster [Glasgow] 1913 – TRAILER

The Cadder Pit Disaster – “Vale Of Tears” new documentary about events of that fateful day on August 3rd 1913 where twenty-two men lost their lives, working for the Carron Iron Company owned colliery, Pit Number 15 Situated between Lambhill and Bishopbriggs in the north outskirts of the city of Glasgow.

Written and directed by Paul Troy [A.K.A.  “C21 TROY]
with Brendan O’Donnel as “The Miner”

Documentary length 30 minutes


A tragedy that is remembered each year by local people in Lambhill and Bishopbriggs and other local churches in the north of the city.

The Cadder Pit Disaster which claimed the lives of 22 men, who left 13 widows and 40 fatherless children, herald the end of mining North of the Canal in Glasgow and the end of a way of life for thousands of people in the area.
This is the “Trailer” for a forth coming documentary about The Cadder Pit Disaster called “Vale Of Tears”.
This video feature is suitable for young people of secondary school age to adults.
Made for people with an interest in:- Scottish mining history, Glasgow History, Industrial History of Glasgow, working conditions before the First World War, Miners lives and living conditions. Details of mine construction in 1913, safety regulations and the lack of, Aftermath – Funerals, graves and treatment of Widows. Miners villages in Lambhill and Mavis Valley

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“Vale Of Tears” – The Story Of The Cadder Pit Disaster 1913
Written and directed by Paul Troy (AKA C21 Troy)
with Brendan O’Donnell as “The Miner”
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Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Glasgow History – Lambhill Vol.2

Part 1 of “Lambhill History & Heritage Vol.2”

The second volume of educational short films documenting the History of Lambhill, from its humble beginnings as an area of land N.W. of the city of Glasgow, that was part of the Bishops Forest in the 13th Century right through the industrial revolution to the present day.

Topics covered in this 10 Part video are
(i) the political situation in 1174 that was the background to events that lead to the creation of the Bishops forest in Glasgow.
(ii) The Hutchesons Of Lambhill 1582 – present day.
(iii) Industrial Development of the Area 1800s – 1970s [ iron forges, coal and iron stone mining, Possil Park and the Saracens Iron Foundry]
(iV] “The Way We Lived” 1930s – 1970s anecdotal stories from residents in the area..
(V) The Western Necropolis Complex 1881 to present day  – Lambhill Cemetery, St. Kentigern’s Cemetery and the Western Necropolis, Hebrew Society graveyard and the Glasgow Crematorium.
(vi) Miners Rows.
(vii) St.Agnes Church

This Part 1 of Lambhill History & Heritage Vol.2
Preamble, Bishop Jocelyn, Knight Templars, Reformation, Lands Divided.

written and narrate by C21 Troy
© Internet & Digital 2011


The following links are to each individual section.

The History Of Lambhill
[PART 1]
Section 1) Preamble – Jocelyn – Knights Templars – Bishops Forest – Reformation – Lands Divided

Section 2) The Hutchesons Of Lambhill – The Hills and the Grahams – The Castle – Incorporation.

Section 1) Industrial Development – Coal and ironstone pits – quarries – iron forges – engineering – The Halloween Pend

Section 2) Possil Park – Saracen Iron Foundry

[PART 3 ]
The Way We Lived – The Wash House – Tram Terminus – Anecdotal Stories.

[PART 4]

Section 1) The Western Necropolis Complex – The cemeteries – Victorian Funeral Customs – war graves.

Section 2) The Glasgow Crematorium

[Part 5]
Section 1) Coal Mining In The Lambhill Area – The Miners Rows

Section 2) Saint Agnes Church

[End Credits Section to follow]


Convivium Singers: Ave Verum Corpus from the Album
“Peter Philips – An Englishman Abroad”
Recoded and Performed by The Convivium Singers
© Convivium Records

Tracks from “A Poorman’s Labour”
Written and Recorded by The Mick West Band
© The Mick West Band

Traditional instrumental versions of Scottish Songs
Performed on electric guitar and Recorded by Paul McGuire
From the Album “Silver Spells”
© Paul McGuire

Incidental Music – C21 Troy

This Educational Media Project was part financed by
Awards For All

© Internet & Digital
Internet & Digital is a trading name for Paul Troy [AKA C21 Troy]
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New Media

We have just finished the second series of short, educational films about the History of Lambhill. Three years in the making and available for viewing.

The History of Lambhill Village Glasgow Scotland.
written and narrated by C21 Troy

Made over 3 years, The History Of Lambhill Volume II  video is rich in content, providing information about the village’s humble origins as part of the Bishops Forest, in the 13th Century right through the industrial revolution, it’s eventual decline and now to it’s place today as a community in the process of rejuvenation. Featuring a wealth of archive material, new illustrations and anecdotal stories from local people,  all put together to make “The History Of Lambhill Vol 2” an interesting, educational documentary resource for local people and Historians of the City of Glasgow alike.

The History Of Lambhill reflects the history of the city of Glasgow and viewers will gain so much knowledge of both after watching it.

More details about this production to follow.

We are currently working on the final stages of a self produced, 30 minute documentary feature about the Cadder Pit Disaster of 1913 which should be available to the public on our youtube channel soon.