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Film will tell story of mining disaster – The Herald 4 April 2015

Film will tell story of mining disaster
– The Herald 4 April 2015

A DOCUMENTARY  is to be made for internet about a mining disaster that killed 22 men more than a century ago.

The Cadder Pit Disaster, near Bishopbriggs, in what is now East Dunbartonshire, was caused by an underground fire on August 03, 1913. Fifteen men were found huddled together as they were overcome by toxic gas or flames as they tried to escape to the surface.

Paul Troy’s production, for YouTube, Vale OF Tears, highlights the different conditions miners at the Carron Company worked under, how one man Robert Dunbar, tried to save three others.

The film-maker said: “He was an experienced miner. He managed to save three other men who were with him.”

Many of those who tried to help were forced back by the gas. 50,000 people attended the funerals.

Mr Troy said:” I wanted to create a film that showed what the conditions were like for miners at that time.”

Vale OF Tears – The Story Of The Cadder Pit Disaster Glasgow 1913
Available on FreeView here

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“Vale Of Tears” – The Story Of The Cadder Pit Disaster [Glasgow] 1913 – TRAILER

The Cadder Pit Disaster – “Vale Of Tears” new documentary about events of that fateful day on August 3rd 1913 where twenty-two men lost their lives, working for the Carron Iron Company owned colliery, Pit Number 15 Situated between Lambhill and Bishopbriggs in the north outskirts of the city of Glasgow.

Written and directed by Paul Troy [A.K.A.  “C21 TROY]
with Brendan O’Donnel as “The Miner”

Documentary length 30 minutes


A tragedy that is remembered each year by local people in Lambhill and Bishopbriggs and other local churches in the north of the city.

The Cadder Pit Disaster which claimed the lives of 22 men, who left 13 widows and 40 fatherless children, herald the end of mining North of the Canal in Glasgow and the end of a way of life for thousands of people in the area.
This is the “Trailer” for a forth coming documentary about The Cadder Pit Disaster called “Vale Of Tears”.
This video feature is suitable for young people of secondary school age to adults.
Made for people with an interest in:- Scottish mining history, Glasgow History, Industrial History of Glasgow, working conditions before the First World War, Miners lives and living conditions. Details of mine construction in 1913, safety regulations and the lack of, Aftermath – Funerals, graves and treatment of Widows. Miners villages in Lambhill and Mavis Valley

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“Vale Of Tears” – The Story Of The Cadder Pit Disaster 1913
Written and directed by Paul Troy (AKA C21 Troy)
with Brendan O’Donnell as “The Miner”
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Glasgow, United Kingdom.

One Scotland Laura McGhee And The Oran-Mor Outreach Choir

“One Scotland”
Video of the “One Scotland ” song performed by Laura McGhee and the Oran- Mor Outreach Choir. [Children from St. Paul’s and Dalmarnock Primary Schools in Glasgow ]

The video was filmed and produced by C21 Troy for Internet & Digital Media who were brought in to make a commemorative and promotional DVD of the Oran-More/ Roots 2 The Future Outreach project.

After seeing what a great job Laura had done with the kids. I decided to put Internet & Digital resources to make this promo-video of the song and capture something of the event as a keepsake for everyone involved – Paul Troy

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