Back in the day,  sites were coded by hand and although you got something quite unique and highly personalised, from a design point of view anyway, it all became rather problematic when the client wanted to expand the site.  As the web site developed so did the demand for more features and this always proved to be expensive for the client and labor intensive for the developer.

Not now!

With the advent of the use of Content Management Systems [CMS] setting up a web site is a doddle.  CMS with their modular options offering an apparently unlimited availability of plugins, allow the client to shape their web site any way they wish and get it to function pretty much anyway they need it to. From simple brochure style websites to fully featured ones offering a point of sales terminus, via a shopping cart. All designed to reach and serve your customers from the 4 corners of the globe with gracefulness  and style..

Every aspect of web site operation from Hosting to “plumbing” it into your bank, is made  so simple these days and it is all so very affordable.

That is great news for clients and developers, giving us both more time to be creative and  get on with the stuff that makes us happy.

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At present our web development service is focused  on I&D media projects.  Support is still available for clients whose sites were built before 2015.  All future web development will only be in support of projects with a direct connection to I&D media video or charities, community groups and organisations who just wish for a basic site without a need for a shopping cart on their domain. [Level One]

Using a  CMS with modular design allows you to enable it for eCommerse  at a later date as Level Two.

Some exceptions can be made for small businesses  depending on scale of job and time frame.

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