SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is not rocket science, but to do it effectively, painstaking measures have to be taken in order to get the desired results. The more competitive they keywords the more clever and creative you have to be and all without falling into disrepute with our lords and masters at Google.

Internet And Digital’s SEO system was very advance and had an amazing track record of top 10 placements in Google for all our clients who held their positions for years in a highly competitive environment. Sadly most of them are not trading anymore, for one recession or another.

SEO has to be the most brain numbing job in the world and you need the patience of a saint to wait for the results to show up, hours, days,  weeks and sometimes months later.

It takes about two weeks to optimise your site and anything up to another two months to tweak various levels of our program once results start to come in.

Level 1: We currently offer an entry level, passive  SEO package for small web sites that ensure your web pages are picked up by the search engines.

Level 2 : A more active program to compete with keyword placement in search results is also available but there is criteria that has to be met before we can do this for you if your site was not built by us.

In many cases the cost of a Level 2 SEO program is more than it is to build the site.
Due to time constraints Our Level 2 SEO service  is currently not on offer.